Serie A news

Serie A news

Italian Serie A is one of the strongest football leagues in Europe. The highest football division of Italy, since its foundation in 1929, has fostered more than one winner of European cup tournaments, including Milan, Inter and Juventus. The latter is also the record for the number of champion titles in Italy. Serie A matches are held in a tough fight and tense atmosphere, so they are always worthy of a hot bet!

The Italian Serie A is rightfully one of the five most popular European football championships in the field of fans. It is possible to argue for a long time which tournament is the strongest in terms of the level of participants, but the achievements of the Italian teams over the last decade surely confirm the high status of the tournament. If you go back 20 years into the past, then it was Series A that was a permanent haven for world-class stars. Weah, Vieri, Del Piero, Inzaghi, Kostakurt, Nedved, Shevchenko, Zidane, Maldini – these are just a few last names, causing particular awe to the fans of modern times. Since then, much has changed, but the popularity of Italian football in the world does not fall.

Modern stadiums are being built, the composition of clubs is being renewed, multi-million contracts are being concluded for the rights of television broadcasting of series A matches. Fans of sports forecasts can show their analytical skills, because today an impressive number of teams are fighting for the championship. Juventus, Napoli, the last restructuring of Lazio and Inter, returning to the past heights of Milan, always strong Roma, unyielding Fiorentina. This is not a complete list of teams of interest to fans outside the country.

Serie A news: Cristiano Ronaldo set a powerful trend. Marcelo and 3 other players of “Real” can go to Juventus

On April 3, Cristiano smashed Juventus with a bisyclet and struck an Achivka named after Ronaldinho – applause at someone else’s stadium. The Turin applause was so shocked by the Portuguese that he instructed Agent Mendesh to work out a summer transfer from Real to the Signor. Krish understood: there he would be loved, appreciated and supported, and not just deflate goals, as in Madrid. Producer Georges designed all the beauty. Quick negotiations, at least bargaining, no scandals – Ronaldo got a striped form before the completion of the World Cup. Both clubs considered the deal to be profitable: “Juve” got ready to take the Champions League, and “Real” got proud that it cut more than 100 million euros for a 33-year-old striker. The most fun began in the fall. “Madrid” did not buy anyone in return for KriRo, completely floated by October, then merged Clasico, dismissed the coach and found himself in the most acute turbulence – now no one knows how the next match of the “blancos” will end. With Solari, the team seems to have come to life, but the surge can easily be short-term – so deep crises are not treated so quickly.

Juventus and Krish are the opposite. “Signora” routinely trashes everyone in Serie A and clearly will take first place in the Champions League group. Ronaldo stalled slightly at the start, but soon woke up and distributed fire: in the last 12 matches he has no goal or an assist in only two – against Valencia (the dumbest deletion) and away from the Manchester United (Juve have won anyway). And so we can see 9 goals, 4 passes and the ecstasy of the whole of Turin. Krisha is adored by both fans, and bosses, and partners: for example, Chiellini, Pyanich and Quadrado have already said that Ronaldo is phenomenal even in training. They are madly admired by the frenzy stubbornness of the man who won all. No one remembers the wages of Krish, because the Portuguese plows for all 30 million euros, to the last cent.

Ronaldo himself is also happy. He received the loyalty that he lacked in “Real”. There would Perez say, “Hm, an ancient sex scandal? This is bad for us, admit everything as soon as possible, we don’t need problems, we are an important brand. ” Here, the managers talked with Krish, took his side, and in fact muffled the entire media hysterics. In addition, Turintsy picked Krisha the best home in the city (eight bedrooms, tennis courts, secret outlets) and beautifully congratulated on the record (400 goals in the leagues), despite the fact that he didn’t stick to almost all the balls for Juve. Krish really looks charged and motivated. He wants to become a legend of another club, and for this you just need to win with the Juve

LCH: chic incentive that feeds this cyborg every day.

It is most surprising that KriRo inspired not only Turin, but also former team-mates. The main trend of the fall: the Blancos dream of moving to Juventus. They probably heard plenty of stories from Krish and Khedira (black and white from 2015) about how cool things are at this club. Earlier all hurried Marcelo. In “Real” he just talked with Ronaldo more often than anyone, so everything is logical: the Brazilian is a little tired of the “Madrid” and bored with a friend. 10 years in one place is too long, especially for Hispanics who can catch depression at any second. Of course, Marcelo publicly denies everything, but it is obvious that

“Real” will have to strain to keep the lateral.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic asked for “Milan” 2 million euros for six months
Italy, an agent Zlatan Mino Rioli has already met with Leonardo, Milan’s technical director. During the discussion, it turned out that Ibra was ready to sign a contract with Rossoneri for six months and with a salary of 2 million euros, as well as with the option of renewal. “Milan” has not yet announced the official position.

Vrsalko was injured in a match with England

Inter Italy is anxiously awaiting news after defender Shima Vrsalko was injured during the League of Nations match in Croatia in a fight against England. Vrsalko performed a tackle against the English striker Marcus Rashford and then limped. Thus, a player of the Italian club spent on the field “Wembley” only 26 minutes. According to the initial reports, this may simply be a muscle strain, and its replacement could be an elementary precautionary measure. Recall that Vrsalko joined Inter from Atletico this summer on loan until the end of the season, but was injured several times since the 2018 World Cup, where Croatia has reached the final.