Serie A betting tips

Serie A betting tips

Serie A is the place where the best defenders and tactical geniuses of the coaching workshop are becoming. And from this season, which will be the 117th in history, it is also the league of Cristiano Ronaldo, so even more interest will be attracted to the Italian Football Championship due to the arrival of one of the two strongest football players of our time. The first round of Serie A 2018/2019 began on August 18, and the final games of the championship will be held on May 26, 2019.

Features of Serie A odds

  • The stereotype of low performance. Many people mistakenly call the Italian league lower. There are two reasons: a good school of defenders and low past performance. Now, Serie A is quite a productive championship. In the previous season, a total of 1017 goals were scored (2.68 per game). For comparison: Premier League – 1018, Primera – 1024, Ligue 1 – 1033. And according to the 2016/17 season results, the Italian Championship became the most productive among the top 5 leagues.
  • Hot derby. There are a lot of different derbies in Italy, which pass with a lot of emotions, a lot of yellow cards and often – deletions. Inter – Milan, Roma – Lazio, Juventus – Torino, Genoa – Sampdoria, Napoli – Juventus, Fiorentina – Juventus, Inter – Juventus and others. For bets, these matches are the most dangerous, because it is extremely difficult to predict their outcome.
  • A lot of cards. In every eighth game of Serie A, a red card is shown, the last season only players of League 1 more often removed players. Italian referees did not stint on mustard plasters – an average of 4 yellow cards per game, more warnings only in La Liga.
  • Strong scorers. In almost every club there is a pronounced scorer, who scores most of the team’s balls and differs regularly. Immobile, Icardi, Dzeko, Mertens, Giovanni Simeone, Quagliarella, Higuain and others. You can put on the authors of the heads of Dogon and this strategy will be very effective.
  • Strange matches. If low productivity is a myth, then match-fixing is true, unfortunately. Loud scandals and punishments are in the past, but the agreements have not completely disappeared. From time to time there are very strange fights, especially on Mondays. This must be taken into account when betting on the Serie A.

Types of Serie A winner odds in 2018/2019

The Italian Football Championship is one of the top 5 European leagues, for betting on which bookmakers create the best conditions and provide great opportunities. Huge selection of markets in the pre-match, wide list in live, bet on match statistics, as well as long-term betting on the championship winner, top scorer, finish in the first four, dismissal of head coaches, combined winner + best scorer and many others that appear more and more during the season.

Bets on the winner of the Championship of Italy 2018/2019

Juventus Turin is the winner of the last seven draws of Serie A. The immutable champion of Italy, of course, is the most obvious favorite in the new season. Bets on the next victory of Juventus in the championship are accepted with a odds of 1.44. And if you take into account the alignment of forces in the league, this is an overestimated coefficient. Napoli – the second in terms of chances for a scudetto, the outlook for the team of Carlo Ancelotti is estimated by a factor of 6.50 also high ranked Roma, for the championship which can be set for 7.50 and closes the four real contenders for the Serie A gold Milan Inter – 9.00. It is hard to imagine under what circumstances an old signora can give a scudetto. Definitely should be put on a victory for Juventus, though not at the highest coefficient of 1.44. The hidden favorite of the Championship of Italy is Inter, which in our opinion will occupy second place – bets on such an outcome are taken as 3.75.

Bets on the finish line in the first 4-ke

Since this season of Serie A has a pronounced four favorites, whose representatives are significantly superior to the other participants of the championship, bets on their finish in the first four are taken at very low odds.

Betting for Serie A top scorer

It is easy to guess that Cristiano Ronaldo is considered the favorite in the fight for the Italian Championship’s gold boot. The chances of a Juventus striker to become the best sniper of the Italian league are estimated by a factor of 1.61. An order of magnitude lower is quoted by Mauro Icardi – Ronaldo’s main competitor for the award, on which you can bet for 7.50. Next on the list is now Milan striker Gonzalo Higuain – 11.00. The probability of winning Chiro Immobile is equal to the coefficient of 13.00, Edina Dzeko – 15.00. Recall the golden boot of the Italian Football Championship last season was divided by Icardi and Immobile – 29 goals each.