Serie A

Serie A – the highest division of the Italian Football League, is one of the strongest football divisions in the world, ranking third in the UEFA ranking after the championships in Spain and England. The Italian Football Championship with the participation of professional teams has been held since 1929. Until this time, the strongest team of Italy was determined by a rather complex pattern – the clubs participated in regional competitions and only then fought for the title of champion of Italy. The most titled club in Italy is Turin “Juventus”, which won Scudetto 32 times (once again “Old Señora” became the champion in 1905). At the same time, because of the corruption scandal, the Turin club was deprived of the championship in 2005 and 2006. The main competitors of Juventus are two Milan clubs – Inter (16 league titles) and Milan (15).

Championship cup facts:

  • The trophy was created in 1960
  • Sculptor – Ettore Calvelli
  • Height – 45 cm
  • Weight – 5 kg
  • Base – Blue Sodalite
  • Estimated cost – 60 thousand euros


  • 1898-1928 Championship was held in regional leagues.
  • 1916-19 In connection with the First World War, the championship was not held.
  • 1929-30 First seasons in Serie A.
  • 1943-45 In connection with the Second World War, the championship was not held.
  • 1945-46 Series A and B held the championship in two groups, after which the final stage was held.

Football empire italy: Seri A fixtures

The Italian football championship is one of the most interesting, and the Italian national football team is one of the strongest on the planet. Series A events are watched every year by millions of people around the world. The Italian championship has a rich history, but not every football fan knows how this championship was created, what happened in it, what events left a mark.

Unpredictable facts of history

The national football championship has been held since 1898. At that time, the tournament was organized on a regional basis. Only in 1929 the Championship was changed: football leagues appeared. In Italy, they are called series. The strongest teams play in Serie A, which is differently called the Premier League. Championship interrupted twice. For the first time it happened in 1916 for 3 years due to the First World War. Next time in the season 1944-45 because of the Second World War. In those years, the Italian national football team did not participate in many international matches also due to hostilities. May 4, 1949 a tragedy occurred: the players of Torino died in a plane crash. The plane crashed into a mountain, located near the city of Turin. The Italian public was shocked by the news. Fans, players and coaches in Italy honor the memory of the victims today.

Scandal in history

The most award-winning championship club is Juventus, which won the Italian championship 29 times. However, not everyone knows that the club has been deprived of two more titles. This is due to corruption. In seasons 2004/2005, 2005/2006 the team won again, received the title of champion. It was possible to prove that in those seasons the matches were negotiable, “Juventus” won unfairly. For this, the team was sent to Serie B and lacked points. I had to score points again to return to Serie A. He managed to do this thanks to the talent and diligence of the players.

Incredible events of the Italian Championship

In the national championship the fastest removal from the field occurred at the tenth second. They removed Giuseppe Lorenzo, who played for Bologna. Such a quick decision of the judge shocked the fans. Christian Vieri scored 50 goals exclusively with his head. A distinctive feature of Vieri made him famous to the whole world, a true darling of the Italian public. He is grateful to the Italian national football team, as he played for her for several years and showed himself excellently there. The record for the number of free kicks is Andrea Pirlo, who has 28 goals. History has amassed amazing facts, thanks to which this championship is very interesting.

Football in Italy is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the whole world and in this particular country. When the Italian championship starts, everyone cheers on their favorite teams. Disagreements and the bitterness of defeat are forgotten when the time of the World or European Championships comes. All Italy is in the same breath rooting for their national team. Today we will try to understand together what it means to be “tifoso” (“essеre tifoso” means “rooting for any team”) in Italian.

The history of football in Italy

So, today we would like to give a historical background on football in Italy, its national league, to talk about azzurri – that’s what the fans in Italy call their football team, and also to talk about football players and just handsome ones – Italian football stars. It all started at the end of the nineteenth century. Lo Zantar is one of the most significant figures in the history of the development of football in Italy. In the 80s as an employee of the company, he was sent to internship in England. In his free time he enjoyed attending football matches. All this was a wonder to our hero. Upon his return to Turin, he had a great desire to extend this sport in his homeland and to practice it in his free time. So in Turin there was il Football & Cricket Club, in which its members played winters in football. In 1889 another team appeared – dei Nobili. So in Turin, a small regional championship appeared – there were already 2 teams. It should be noted that the factory workers and the rich people of the city played side by side in them. They all share a passion for football!

The next city that also fell in love with football was Genoa. In 1891, La Ginnastica Sampierdarenese opened a section on football. With the participation of the British consul Charles Alfred Payton in 1893, the Genoa Cricket and Athletic Club league was established. 1897 and with it the birth of one of the oldest football clubs in Italy – Juventus approaching.

In the meantime, more and more teams were born in Italy, most of which were not destined to live to this day. At the very time it was to think about the order of the competition between these clubs. In addition to friendly meetings between the teams, the first primitive, in our opinion, championships were held. For example, on March 8, 1898, a championship was held in Turin, in which 4 teams took part: F.C. Torinese, l’Internazionale, il Genoa and la Società Ginnastica Torinese. The tournament lasted exactly 1 day! In September 1899, the same team became the champion for the second time. It should be noted that there were already judges who were behind the gates of both teams. A couple of years on the field appeared and the match judge.

Football team

In 1949, a tragedy occurred – a plane crash in Superga. Then, on May 4, 1949, a team of the Torino football club died in full force near Turin. Of course, this was reflected in the Italian national team of the time – the team was short of its best players. There was no talk of serious achievements without the backbone of the team. Italy failed to show itself at the 1950 and 1954 Championships. The first major success in the post-war period came to her in 1968, when she became the European Champion. In the future, the Italian national football team periodically pleased its fans with major victories.

From the recent history we can note that all Italy was shocked when in 2000 the national team players were on the verge of winning the European Championship, but in the final the French scored a goal in the last minutes. Having become world champions in 2006, the national team was not able to please the fans in the championship in 2010. Then the team could not even leave the group. It seems that such metamorphoses are characteristic of the Italian national team – victories alternate with embarrassing. After the failure in the championship in Africa in the Italian national team, a change occurred: the national team coach changed, and also announced his departure Cannavaro. He announced that he was finishing his career in the national team, in which he played 136 matches, which, of course, is a record.

Serie A table: best defenders of the first part of last championship
Italian Championship goes on a break, and experts highlight the best players of the championship according to press estimates.

Joao Miranda (Inter)

The fact that in the current championship Inter misses the least (11 goals in 17 games), of course, is a merit of not only Samir Handanovich. In the summer, the Nerazzurri almost completely updated the line of defense, and if Roberto Mancini was still experimenting on the flanks, then in the center of the Milan team a couple was formed that is already called worthy followers of Lucio and Walter Samuel. “Miranda is a symbol of the current Inter,” Javier Zanetti said recently. Surprisingly, the transfer of a Brazilian football player from Atletico was skeptical by someone – they say, why was the Nerazzurri a player that Diego Simeone refused? In the face of Joao Inter, he received an experienced and really cool centerback, which the team lacked so much last season. And not only in the past – Inter spoke about the problems with protection from the moment Jose Mourinho left.

Jason Murillo (Inter)

Next to Miranda, young Colombian defender Jason Murillo flourished, who, strangely enough, moved from Granada, not to Udinese, but to Inter. The transfer of the Nerazzurri football player was agreed upon during the last season, and his brilliant game at Copa America convinced the club’s management that eight million euros was not wasted. A few months in Serie A – and Real, according to rumors, is already ready to pay four times more for Murillo. But Jason claims that he is not going to go anywhere, and Mancini emphasizes that he is now indispensable for the team. The Spanish magazine El Mundo Deportivo has included a Colombian in the list of ten major discoveries of the European championships of this season, but the point, perhaps, is only that Inter Media pays more attention than modest Granada. There is nothing surprising in the rapid adaptation of Murillo in Serie A – no, he came to the Apennines as a “ready” player, but the presence of Miranda, of course, played a role. It is much easier to show your strengths when you are paired with a player of the highest level, who, as a rule, does not let down.

Davide Astori (Fiorentina)

David Astori was talked about as one of the most promising defenders of Italy, but, having gone up, he failed the first exam. Last season, a footballer who made a name for himself in Cagliari, won for Roma on loan, that after the end of the campaign, the Wolves did not buy it back, already says a lot. But Astori was given a second chance – Fiorentina acquired it, and David, apparently, made the right conclusions. The defender started the season very strongly, winning a place at the heart of Violets, and seriously says that he is counting on getting into the Italian national team’s bid for the European Championship. The choice of Antonio Conte is rather big, but Astori is still worth taking into account. For several years, a breakthrough was expected from him, David did not fully justify advances but now he spends one of the best seasons in his career. Of course, his game is not perfect but it is obvious that the work on the mistakes is being carried out – having become solid players of the starting lineup of the team that sets high personal goals; Astori has become much more demanding of himself and for his team cooperation.